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Our proprietary Hawaii Fueling Network (HFN) Fueling Card is accepted at over 20 HFN fueling cardlock fueling locations and Ohana Fuels retail stations on the islands of Maui and Hawaii. With no annual fees or  membership dues, our programs are designed for both businesses and individuals with 7 days a week access at all sites, and 24 hours a day access at all HFN fueling cardlock stations.

We Offer:
  • Competitive pricing

  • Clean and safe fueling locations

  • High speed dispensers at all HFN fueling cardlock stations

  • On-Island customer support, service, and card replacement

  • Security cameras

  • Customizable security controls and reporting

  • Fuel type limitation by card or PIN

  • Mileage and odometer tracking

  • Customer selected PIN

  • Real time transaction receipts by email

  • Detailed monthly reports for each PIN or card


Whether you’re an organization or individual operating a vehicle, heavy equipment, or a boat, we have conveniently located fueling sites near you.

Check out the Maps of our Maui & Big Island Locations

Maui map
Big Island map